9am-10:15am Yoga Bliss- Amber

10:30-11:45- Yoga over 50- Cathy DeFreitas

6-7pm- Golden Hour Yoga- Slade



9am-10:15 amBlackbird Spiritual Warrior- Thad

10:30-11:45 – Kundalini/ Qi Gong Blend- Wendy

class description:

Qi Gong is a series of postures held for a period of time that builds and circulates life force energy ( known as Qi, pronounced Chi) that helps regulate hormones and immune system, promote adjustment of bone structure, strengthen the nervous system, stimulate production of bone marrow, slower and deepen breathing, lower heart rate, increase physical and mental endurance, and helps calms the mind. These exercise are a great practice for athletes or practitioners in any medical field who want to improve their health and transform their mind and body.

In this class we also weave in kundalini meditations. Kundalini is a style of yoga that ignites the energy from the base of the spine up through the seven chakras. The focus is on specific techniques including breathing and chanting that frees up blocked energy and opens our hearts.

5:45-7:00pm Blackbird Fusion Flow- Breanna

7:15-8:15pm- Namaste Sober- Yoga for recovery(Donation Class)- Kelly



9am-10:15amYoga Bliss -Amber

10:30- 11:45-Namaste Sober Recovery Yoga- Jen Sobel

12-1pm- Midday Mixer (Donation Class $5 Suggested) -Alexandra Butler

5:30-6:45- Blackbird Yoga- Vigorous Vinyasa/Ashtanga Blend- Jen Sobel





9am-10:00am- Blackbird Spiritual Warrior- Thad

6-7:15-Rebuild and Renew-Nikki





9-10:15am- Rebuild and Renew- Nikki

10:30-11:30am- Namaste SOBER Recovery Yoga- Nikki





9:00-10:15- Blackbird Yoga Basics- Slade

11-12:15- Blackbird Yoga- Thad




9am-10:30am- Yoga Bliss- Amber

11:00-12:15- Bhakti Flow- Thad

6-8 pm- Candlelight Restorative Workshop Series- Thad ($20 per class, $60 for 4 week series)