We are a 100% donation based studio.


What is it?

Blackbird Yoga is an approachable, affordable, community-driven, yoga studio. We honor all yogic styles, practices and philosophies. We believe yoga should be available to everyone; which is why we offer classes by donation. Suggested $10-$15, minimum $7 Cash, check, or Credit card. No contracts. No Monthly Packages.No hidden fees. Just yoga. For everyone.


Blackbird Yoga believes Yoga should be accessible to everyone and not a luxury item. Drop in classes at other studios are expensive, unreasonable, and often not worth the price of admission. We have the the best teachers in Prescott and the donation model empowers them to earn what they are worth without limits- it also empowers YOU, the student, to decide what the class was worth and what a fair price is for the class offered.

What is Blackbird Yoga for 12 Recovery Yoga and why is there not a recommended donation?

This specialty class, the only one of its kind in Prescott, is designed to support the recovery community. Many of the students attending this class are currently in treatment facilities, have recently left a facility, or on the path of recovery. It is a special class and a way for Blackbird to give back. Anyone is welcome to attend.  Blackbird Yoga believes in the power of the 12 steps to facilitate change. In this class we discuss God/Higher power and always end with the serenity prayer. We are not affiliated with AA or NA, the class is not anonymous (though recommended)–We simply are supporting people in recovery through yoga and meditation.

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